PALIO-PARÉA means ‘among old friends'. Loek Schrievers, Margôt Schenk and friendly musicians started performing under this name since 1992 as part of their quest for adventure in Greek music. The group has developed an authentic recognizable style because of Loek Schrievers ' bold compositions and also because of their choice and pert arrangement of Greek songs.

Although different Greek styles are represented in their repertoire, Palio-Paréa's most important source of inspiration within Greek music is rembétika . This is folk music from and about the edge of society during the first half of the twentieth century (see also the section on rembétika ). Their fondness for this type of music is also reflected in Palio-Paréa's prominent use of traditional rembétika musical instruments like the bouzouki and the baglamas .

The band PALIO-PARÉA played since 1993 numerous theatres and festivals in Holland, Belgium, Germany. Did lots of radio interviews and performances on radio programmes. Since 2000 the group plays on a regular basis in Greece and was invited several times to perform in radio and TV-programs:

    • Holland festival 2000 in Athens (also performance in Greek TV-program)
    • Tsitsania  festival 2002 in Trikala (was televised on Greek TV-NET)
    • Rembétiko festival / conference 2003 in Hydra
    • 2005 March and November concerts in Club Alli Ochti / Club Makari in Athens, Cultural Centre in Aigio
    • 2005: Greek TV-ET3 “Rembétiki Istoría, Ollandhi Rembétes – Palio-Paréa”, presented by Panos Savvopoulos 2005-05-02 and replays in October 2005 and June 17 2006
    • 2006: Greek TV-NET appearance in “I Moúsiki tou Kósmou” presented by Leonidas Antonopoulos on 2006-01-21
    • 2006: Greek TV-NET/Sat. appearance in “Stin Ichiá Mas” presented by Spiros Papadopoulos on 2006-03-6
    • 2006 April concerts Athens
    • 2007 December concert IANOS Athens

    In July 2009 Palio-Paréa played their last concert and went into the "sleep"mode so far……..
    Margôt Schenk started CHARA management/bookings for Greek music.
    Loek Schrievers is working fulltime in recording studio XAPAaudio.
    Carel van Rijn is still playing in bands and works as studio musician in XAPAaudio.

    Margôt Schenk and Loek Schrievers are invited by Giannis Lebésis as guest musicians in his show for 2 weeks in February 2012. Each night from Thursday till Saterday and Sunday afternoon. Location: Musiko Steki Kardia Fterouyísmata. Address: Dodekanisou 37, Alimos-Athens,Greece. Tel. 00 30 210 9966141


Eelco Brinkman